Mercedes – Electrical System Diagnostics, Repair
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  • Mercedes – Electrical System Diagnostics, Repair

    Posted on July 4, 2018 by europeanseradmin

    Mercedes Electrical System

    Mercedes – Electrical System Diagnostics, Repair has become increasingly more complex and advanced as the years go by. However, no matter how sophisticated the electrical system of these automobiles get, its efficiency and effectiveness revolve around the three main components of the electrical system – the battery, the starter and the alternator.

    What Makes Up the Electrical System?

    The electrical system of your car is dependent on the battery, alternator, and starter. The battery is the powerhouse of every electrical system. It is where other electrical components draw the electrical energy required to function from. The starter has the sole responsibility of ‘starting’ the engine. When you turn on the ignition of your car, the starter draws electrical energy from the battery to power on the engine through the spinning motion of the flywheel. The alternator is what you would call a charging system for the battery, once the engine is running, the alternator keeps the battery charged on a continual basis with enough electrical power to keep the engine running. If any of these vital components fail, your Mercedes-Benz will not start.

    Beyond starting the engine and keeping it running, the car’s electrical system is also responsible for the locks, power windows, and lighting system. Both the exterior lights like the headlights and the interior lights like the dashboard components. Thus, a malfunctioning electrical system could have several other components malfunctioning as well.

    What are the Signs of a Malfunctioning Electrical System?

    A failing electrical system would send out several signs depending on the faulty component. Your Mercedes Benz may have a malfunctioning electrical system if you experience any of the following issues; premature battery failure, flickering or dimming lights. An illuminated electrical system indicator light, an illuminated check engine light, engine stalling and misfiring, problems with the car locks, bad window regulators just to name a few. Your vehicle requires a substantial amount of electrical energy to function so if you suspect a problem with the system, it is in your best interest to get it resolved.

    How to Carry-out A Mercedes – Electrical System Diagnostics, Repair

    In repairing a potentially faulty electrical system, the first thing we do is to determine the root of malfunction. In most cases, it is usually attributed to a failure of any of the three vital components of the system; the battery, alternator, and starter. However, sometimes other electrical faults like a blown fuse or a bad electrical connection could render part of or the entire electrical system ineffective.

    After making a diagnosis, the next course of action will be to fix the damaged component either through a replacement or repairs. Before making repairs, we will disconnect the battery and the terminals will only be reconnected when the repair is completed. We will also carry out a general servicing of the electrical system – from a load test of the battery to the cleaning and inspecting of all terminals to ensure everything is in order. The vehicle can then be retested to ensure the repair is finished.

    It is also important to take care of your car’s electrical system so as to not expose it to premature failure. Do not overload your car with too many electrical devices, never disconnect the battery while the engine is running and if the battery dies, do not try to use the alternator to jumpstart a dead battery. Also, regular maintenance and servicing is a great way to ensure you are ahead of all the potential problems so they never have to inconvenience you.